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Frequently Asked Sciatica Questions: Answers from Our Rhode Island chiropractor

Sciatica is a common (and painful problem), as well as a somewhat mysterious one for many sufferers. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about sciatica as provided by Dr. Mark Breiding, our Rhode Island chiropractor at Breiding Chiropractic Clinic.

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Is sciatica a disease?
The term "sciatica" doesn't actually describe a disease or a condition. Instead, sciatica is a symptom of an underlying medical condition or injury. In this case, sciatica refers to compression of the sciatic nerve.

What is the sciatic nerve?
The sciatic nerve is the largest single nerve in the entire human body. This nerve provides all the neural communications between the spinal cord and the buttock, leg and foot, branching out into numerous smaller nerves that serve these various structures. The sciatic nerve is connected to the spinal cord by several major nerve roots near the lumbar and sacral vertebrae.

What are the symptoms of sciatica?
When the sciatic nerve is compressed, you may experience symptoms along any of the nerve pathways that branch from the sciatic nerve, in any of the corresponding parts of your extremities. These symptoms may include tingling, pain, numbness and loss of muscle function in the buttock, leg or foot.

How did I get sciatica?
Sciatica can occur for a wide variety of reasons. An acute trauma such as an auto accident injury or sports injury may force the lumbar spine out of alignment, causing herniated discs to push against the sciatic nerve roots. But for many people approaching middle age, sciatica is more commonly associated with spinal misalignment and bulging discs that protrude from the spinal column. Spasms in the piriformis muscle in your buttocks from musculoskeletal strain can also pinch the sciatic nerve.

How can chiropractic care relieve my sciatica?
Skilled chiropractic care from our Rhode Island chiropractor can manipulate the spinal joints to correct a misaligned vertebra or vertebral disc, shifting it away from sciatic nerve roots. Chiropractic adjustment combined with massage therapy can also relieve the muscle tension and spasms that create piriformis syndrome.

My sciatica went away by itself. Do I still need treatment?
Unfortunately, many people are fooled by a bout of sciatica that seems to get better only to return again and again. The underlying cause needs to be corrected before you can be confident that you've beaten sciatica.

What can I do to reduce my odds of getting sciatica again?
To maintain a healthy spine with strong lumbar support, we may recommend periodic spinal screenings alongside exercises to build up your back. The stronger and more flexible your body, the less chance you'll be struggling with recurring bouts of sciatica going forward.

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