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Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Get Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief In East Greenwich, Warwick, Providence And North Kingstown

Carpal Tunnel

Having to perform repetitive motions with no break in sight for long periods at a stretch is an unfortunate aspect of many people’s jobs. When you don’t get periodic breaks, the chances increase of you succumbing to a repetitive stress injury. Carpal tunnel syndrome affects individuals from all walks of life, from auto mechanics to secretaries to students typing furiously to complete their papers on time. If you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and are in East Greenwich, Providence, Warwick RI and North Kingstown, pain relief is waiting for you at the offices of Breiding Chiropractic Clinic.

Chiropractic Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Treatment is available for the numb, tingling and painful sensations that you feel in your wrist or arm after getting carpal tunnel syndrome. We follow industry best practices for chiropractic treatment. Your particular treatment plan will be unique, fashioned by our chiropractor after your initial evaluation and consultation.

When a person types on a computer keyboard all day long or is required to pick up the same object from a conveyer belt throughout a shift at the factory, tendons tend to swell up and eventually they will press against the nerve. This results in painful, stinging, tingling sensations that can be quite distracting.

A chiropractor will examine you and may order x-rays in support of diagnosis. Then, non-invasive, non-surgical treatment begins, typically with some manipulation of the affected area, including the wrist, hand and arm.

To avoid more problems in the future, your chiropractor will also advise you to change the way you perform your tasks and learn to take breaks to avoid worsening the condition. 

Reach Out to Your Chiropractor for Treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Today

If you believe you are experiencing pain from carpal tunnel syndrome, it’s time to come in for evaluation at the chiropractor office. For more information on repetitive stress injury or to make an appointment, please contact Breiding Chiropractic Clinic today.

What sensations did you first notice when it became clear that you were suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome? Let your fellow patients know by telling us the details in the comment section below!

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