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Do Your Joints Predict Changes in the Weather?

It's Spring (sort of), hopefully we'll get the weather to go with the time of year soon. Many people think of Spring as a time renewal and growth, when new life begins to emerge. Speaking of renewal, if you're planning to get out in the garden or start playing your favorite sports, you'll want to consider a visit to Dr. Breiding for a little "spring cleaning" of your joints as well.  

Regular chiropractic care helps keep your body balanced and limber, and, of course, smoothes out those old injuries or problem joints so you can enjoy whatever it is you want to do. When you're not seeing Dr. Breiding, try some of our suggestions below to keep you feeling your best. 

 This time of the year the weather is predictably unpredictable. Summer is mostly hot. Winter is mostly cold. But spring can be either, on successive days or even in the space of a few hours. This kind of unsettled weather can be somewhat off-putting. At least half of all adults claim to experience "spring fever" with changing weather, including more frequent headaches, joint pain, tiredness, and even catching more colds. But just as Mother Nature needs to gradually warm the days, so should you return to outdoor activity gradually and wisely to avoid injury or joint pain. These tips can help you get moving this spring without any mishaps. 

Warm Your Cold Rhode Island Joints With Heat Therapy

A heating pad or toasty bath can be comforting or help ease muscle soreness after exercising. Applying heat for 10 minutes after a workout session or activity like spring cleaning can help increase blood flow to the muscles and help them return to their normal state without seizing up. In addition to providing post-workout comfort, using heat therapy before you exercise has surprising benefits too. The increased blood flow warms up the muscles and helps them be flexible and ready to move.

Stretch and Warm Up/Cool Down 

Just like with heat therapy, stretching can provide exercise benefits both before and after physical activity. People with arthritis often need additional time to warm up, and should plan on 10 to 15 minutes to do so. Warm-up activities can include gentle range-of-motion exercises, walking, or marching. Spend a few minutes doing the same type of activity as a cool-down after your workout. When you stretch, focus on the major muscles of your body, such as the hamstrings. Those with arthritis can also benefit from stretching the muscles adjacent to their arthritis-affected joint(s). This provides better support for the joint and more flexibility. 

Proper Orthotics Can Straighten You Out! 

Did you know that problems with your feet can affect your whole body? An improper stance caused by leg length, knee and hip pain or foot issues can cause imbalances in your spine, lower back and other parts of the body. Dr. Breiding uses x-rays and custom orthotic digital scans to determine whether or not his patients need orthotics. If they do, he can provide relief with custom orthotic inserts. If you have orthotics from Dr. Breiding, you know how helpful they can be. Due to popular demand, we are continuing our reorder special of our Foot Leveler orthotics for April. 

Just call our clinic at 401-884-8687 or ask at the desk to learn more!

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