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5 Tips to Keep Your Body in Balance

1. Take Regular Breaks and Stretch

If you work at a desk all day, take regular breaks and stretch. We aren’t designed to sit down for four hours straight. If we do, symptoms will start to show - headaches, tight shoulders, tight neck, loss of movement, and pins and needles. 

2. Stay Away from Heavy Lifting

Don’t lift objects heavier than you can handle with ease. Get help if the object is too heavy or awkward. 

3. Lift Wisely

Carry objects as close to your body as possible. Try to avoid carrying parcels or babies on your hip. If you must carry the load on one side, alternate sides regularly. 

4. Rest Your Feet

When standing stationary for long periods of time, reduce the stress on your lower back by resting one foot on a small object six inches or so high. Alternate feet regularly and at times stand with your weight spread evenly on both feet. Health is balance within the body and if you stress the body or work it too hard, then you must rebalance the body in the form of correct exercises and stretching.

5. Get Chiropractic Care

Many people find regular visits to our office keeps them feeling and moving better. Consistent chiropractic treatment helps correct imbalances in your spine and body which happen to us all over time. You feel better with regular treatment and you stay that way. Your Rhode Island chiropractor Dr. Breiding encourages his patients to consider more regular visits by offering affordable treatment packages. Consider booking a discounted package for 3, 10 and 20 treatments. The more treatments you book, the better your savings! It’s easy to set up, just ask! Remember - we've always got your back! Contact us today and make an appointment!

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