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Tips for Dealing With Joint Pain in the Winter

When you have joint and pain issues, it can be even more important to take proper care of yourself, including regular visits to our clinic. You can also help yourself by taking precautions to weather the cold. See our suggestions below. 

As the mercury drops your muscle and joint aches rise. Winter can be the season of pain for people with arthritis. It could be that muscles, ligaments and joints just get stiffer with lower temperatures. What’s clear is that patients feel the difference between summer days and frigid winter temps. Regular visits to our clinic will help you feel and move better. 

Here are some tips between visits to help you cope when the weather is cold... 

1. Realize that joint pain is a real problem. 

It’s when the weather turns chilly that many patients come to our clinic for relief. One likely reason is that the synovial lining of the joints, filled with fluid that bathes joints and helps keep cartilage healthy reacts to barometer and temperature changes. 

2. Get your exercise. 

We can hear you groaning, but staying active is better for function and mobility. When you cut down on activity, this leads to decreased range of motion and more joint pain. Plus, you’ll stay slimmer if you keep up an exercise routine. Extra weight can make a difference in the degree of pain you feel. Layer up. Dress warmly and in layers. It’s important to keep your body temperature warm. Keeping joints warm is also essential along with surrounding muscles and ligaments. 

3. Dress for the changing weather. 

If it’s going to be in the 30’s and you tend to wear shorts year round, put some pants on. Stretch against stiffness. As people get older, their joints tend to get stiffer. Try Tai Chi, Pilates or yoga to let you stay inside while keeping joints active. There are many television exercise programs you can try, or go to your local gym or YMCA. Many people find regular visits to our office keeps them feeling and moving better. Consistent chiropractic treatment helps correct imbalances in your spine and body which happen to us all over time. You feel better with regular treatment and you stay that way. 

Our chiropractor treats joint pain!

Dr. Breiding encourages his patients to consider more regular visits by offering affordable treatment packages. Consider booking a discounted package for 3, 10 and 20 treatments. 

The more treatments you book, the better your savings! It’s easy to set up, just ask! Remember - we've always got your back!

Check out our treatment options here and give us a call to make an appointment at (401) 884-8687!

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